Introducing CREA Toolkits

CREA Toolkits are designed for use by parents and teachers working with 4th to 8th graders. Each project based learning toolkit includes student-led activities for growing creative leaders.

A note on payment: We’ve made these toolkits available to you on a SLIDING SCALE. Equity is central to our mission. It’s important to us that access to resources does not stand between young people and their creative ambition. So, you can pay what you’re able. If that means $1, that’s okay. However, we ask that you use integrity in naming your price. If you have the means to pay more, please do. This will help us cover the cost for those who can’t afford to pay.

Explore Your Creative Identity

This toolkit supports young people in exploring their unique creative strengths, where they want to grow, and what goals they have as creative leaders. Activities include building a creative leadership profile, using the asset card deck to discover new talents, passions, and areas of curiosity, and reflecting on your collaboration skills after completing the marshmallow challenge.

Suggested Age: 4th – 8th grade

Brainstorm Project Ideas

This toolkit supports young people in generating diverse and out-of-their-comfort-zone project ideas.  Materials include a project idea card deck, a graphic organizer to capture the most inspiring project ideas, journal prompts to help young people select the best-fit project for them, AND games to help them build on their initial ideas.  This pbl lesson plan template toolkit will help young people think outside of the box about what projects they may want to create.

Suggested Age: 4th – 8th grade


This toolkit supports young people in developing eight essential mindsets for creative leadership, including adaptability, resourcefulness, and courage. This package includes mini-lessons on each mindset with suggested readings, reflection activities, prompts for applying each mindset as students work on their projects, and video of 8 Texas-based entrepreneurs and creatives talking about the power of each mindset.

Suggested Age: 4th – 8th grade

Develop A Project Plan

This toolkit supports young people in writing a project vision statement, developing a step-by-step plan for bringing their project vision to life, acquiring all the required materials for thier project, and using a project tracker to hold themselves accountable to their plan. This package includes a vision statement sample and template, a project plan template, a project tracker template, and a materials list template.

Suggested Age: 4th – 8th grade

Plan A Project Showcase

This toolkit includes everything a teacher/parent needs to plan a celebratory showcase of student work AND everything students need to effectively share their work at the showcase.  This package includes planning and reflection activities for kids, so they are ready to talk about how they brought their project based learning to life and what they discovered about themselves as creative leaders. It also includes planning tools for teachers and parents, from a planning checklist to adaptable showcase invitations, to signage and sign-in sheets for the day of the event.

Suggested Age: 4th – 8th grade

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