Professional Development

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If you have purchased the CREA curriculum,  we recommend scheduling CREA professional development. Our professional development will prepare you to implement the CREA curriculum effectively through a deep dive into the curriculum materials, practice with lesson facilitation, and experience with the best pedagogical practices for bringing the CREA framework to life.

CREA Professional Development

Our professional development sessions prepare teachers, parents, and aftercare providers to implement the CREA curriculum in their classrooms through a deep dive into the curriculum content. Participants will learn the fundamentals of CREA’s 8-pillar model & best practices for bringing CREA’s instructional approach to their classrooms. These sessions include a binder of online drive of training materials, including a poster of the 8-pillar process, key activities and associated with each pillar of the CREA process, and a planning guide for teachers to use as they integrate this process into their lesson and unit plans.

deep dive

Our professional development equips teachers to implement the CREA model in their classroom. We dive into the content of the curriculum so teachers are confident in facilitating the CREA experiences every step of the way.

practice and feedback

We believe that practice makes progress. For that reason our sessions include ample opportunities for teachers to role play CREA sessions and receive feedback from expert CREA facilitators.

Learn best practices

The CREA instructional model is build around our core values of creativity, personalization, relationships, and student agency. Our training ensures that teachers leave with best practices in order to foreground these values.

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