First and foremost, happy teacher appreciation week!

Where do we even begin when it comes to expressing our gratitude to teachers? I started my career as a middle school ELA teacher and I can confidently say, many years and professional experiences later, it was the hardest and most impactful job I’ve ever had. Every job I’ve had since is informed by the time I spent in the classroom. Teaching is intellectually, physically, spiritually, and psychologically demanding (and rewarding) work. Some days it is absolutely thankless, other days your students reflect back to you just how much your work matters in their lives.

Teaching calls on every aspect of our personhood. And, as we’ve learned this year more than ever, teaching can’t be about martyrdom. It must be about modeling. Modeling mistake-making, modeling self-care, modeling living meaningful and dynamic lives in and outside of the classroom. Every time I meet a teacher, I’m reminded that teachers are incredible PEOPLE, each with their own unique gifts to offer their students.

One of my favorite quotes about teaching (courtesy of Margaret Mead) goes like this: “If we are to give more than lip service to the creativity of students we must honor the creativity of great teaching.” PREACH, right?

I believe one of the greatest gifts we can give teachers is support paired with TRUST. Trust that they know and love their students. Trust in their artistry as educators. Trust that they are tapping into their creativity moment-to-moment in order to design learning experiences and environments that elevate the gifts of the students they serve.

That’s why the curriculum and toolkits we design are ADAPTABLE. We want teachers to have robust project-based learning tools that support them and their students WHILE offering them the trust to adapt and apply these tools in ways that are best for them and the young people the serve.

You can check out our curriculum and name-your-price toolkits in the link below. Equitable access to these resources is a top priority to us. We never want access to stand between teachers and their best teaching or students and their creative potential. So, go get what you need to honor the creativity of teaching and cultivate the creative potential of your students.

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