School programs

School programs

CREA provides school programs lead by Creative Advisors with robust experience facilitating our signature project based learning model. Our Creative Advisors guide students through an 8-pillar process while they design and execute projects they are passionate about. During this process students learn how to make their ideas a reality, develop essential mindsets for bringing an idea to life, and explore who they are, what they love, and what impact they want to have on the world around them. This is how we grow the next generation of creative leaders.

Expert Facilitation

The CREA school program is run by a CREA facilitator with robust experience in personalized project-based learning. Our facilitators are certified teachers with strong classroom management and relationship building skills. Additionally, our facilitators will take care of program implementation from top-to-bottom, including parent communication and planning the end-of-program showcase.

Flexible Implementation

CREA will adapt its school program to fit within your context and meet your community’s needs. Some schools opt for an after school model, while others choose to run the program during the school day. Some schools offer the program over the course of a quarter, some over a semester, and some do it over a year. We want to make the experience work for you and the young people you serve.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Our program is designed to engage every kind of learner, including ELL students, students with learning differences, and advanced learners who are eager to be challenged in new ways. Our approach is grounded in the belief that every young person possesses unique capabilities. We are committed to leveraging those abilities to engage every child in meaningful learning.

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