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The Crea curriculum is an online library of project based learning materials for teachers and parents to use at home or in the classroom.

Our curriculum supports 4th through 8th graders in designing and executing projects that are meaningful to them by guiding them through an 8-pillar project-based learning framework.


TEK Aligned Lesson Plans

Texas  Essential
knowledge & skills



Student Activities

With all required instructional
materials for Program



Interactive Presentations

Snapshot of What You’ll Receive

Session 3(A): Inspiration

TEK Aligned Lesson Plan
Interactive PowerPoint Presentation
Printable Inspiration Card Deck
Printable Inspiration Catcher
Printable Stop & Jot Activity
Suggested Read Aloud

Session 6(A): Project Plannig

TEK Aligned Lesson Plan
Interactive PowerPoint Presentation
Printable Project-Approval Stickers
Printable Project Road Map Template
Printable Project Progress Tracker
Printable Materials Request Form

Student Showcase Materials

Student Presentation Template
Printable ‘Feedback is a Gift’ Stickers
Printable Glow & Grow Feedback Cards
Student Feedback Surveys
Parent Feedback Surveys
Student Certificates

About the curriculum

Using the CREA curriculum as their guide, students launch businesses, organize social movements, build architectural models, write graphic novels, develop iphone apps, and so much more. No matter what they make the CREA curriculum equips them with the skills and mindsets they need to bring an idea to life.


move through an eight step process

to bring an idea to life

Practice essential creative mindsets

like adaptability and resourcefulness

explore self-actualizing questions

like what do I love, what am I good at, what impact do I want to have on the world?


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