This toolkit supports young people in writing a project vision statement, developing a step-by-step plan for bringing their project vision to life, acquiring all the required materials for their project, and using a project tracker to hold themselves accountable to their plan. This package includes a vision statement sample and template, a project plan template, a project tracker template, and a materials list template. Suggested Age: 4th– 8th grade

This package includes:

  • Two TEK aligned lesson plans
  • Two interactive presentations
  • Printable Vision Statement Sample
  • Printable Vision Statement Template
  • Printable Project Planning Template
  • Two printable project trackers
  • Printable materials request forms
  • Printable “Project Approval” stickers

Upon payment, you will receive an email titled “Your CREA Curriculum and Consulting Order Has Been Received”  with instructions for accessing a password protected library of toolkit materials.


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