CREA’s Podcast, School Stories, explores one driving question: how can school support the development of creative, purpose-driven people? CREA’s Founder, Stephanie Mendeloff, talks to educators, innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs about their own school stories, how they became creative leaders, and how school did or did not support their creative growth.

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Episode #10

“Celebrating Every Child’s Inner Brilliance,” featuring Ryan York

Episode #9

“Draw It, Dance It, Paly It, Write It,” featuring Gabbie Gamez

Episode #8

“Go Deep to Get Strong,” featuring Christina Cate

Episode #7

“Innovation Happens at the Boundary of Disparate Things,” Featuring Sarah Woolsey

Episode #6

“Everybody has something inside of them,” featuring Paul Morrissey

Episode #5

“Art is Analysis.” Featuring Katie Pell

Episode #4

“Everybody has their own way,” Featuring Alejandro Perez-Segini

Episode #3

“A place to be fully you,” Featuring Anthony Gordon

Episode #2

“So Many Ways to Live a Life” featuring Ashley Martinez

Episode #1

“I Am Poetry” featuring Anthony Gordon