FREE tools for Home & School.

Project Ideas Card Deck & Graphic Organizer:

Use this card deck and graphic organizer to inspire creative projects! This will help young people think outside of the box about what projects they may want to pursue. Suggested Age: 3rd – 8th grade

Creative Activities Bingo:

This bingo board includes 25 self-guided creative activities for kids to explore at home! Suggested Age: 3rd – 5th grade

Question of the Week:

This tool encourages curiosity by helping young people generate questions that interest them & track their learning during the week. Suggested Age: 3rd – 5th grade

Creative Mindset Weekly Reflection:

This set of resources will help your children or students develop eight essential mindsets for creative leadership. Suggested Age: 3rd – 8th grade

Project Planning Tools:

This set of resources supports young people in visioning and planning for their passion projects. Use this to help young people take the lead and hold themselves accountable to bringing their vision to life. Suggested Age: 3rd – 8th grade

Books to Inspire Creativity:

This is a list of 5 books to read to your children & an activity to pair with each. This document also includes links to Youtube read-alouds of the books in case you don’t have the books in your home or classroom library. Suggested Age: 2nd – 5th grade

Brainstorming Activity:

This tool will support young people in generating as many project ideas as possible before they narrow in on the best-fit project for them! Suggested Age: 3rd – 8th grade

Creative Leadership Profile:

This tool supports young people in reflecting on their unique creative strengths, where they want to grow, and what goals they have as a creative leader. Suggested Age: 3rd – 8th grade