Classroom Curriculum


CREA’s curriculum guides students through an 8-pillar process while they design and execute projects they are passionate about. During this process students learn how to make their ideas a reality, develop essential mindsets for persevering through creative challenge, and explore who they are, what they love, and what impact they want to have on the world around them.

Comprehensive Materials

Every session in the curriculum includes a TEK-aligned lesson plan, a beautifully designed presentation, and all student materials. This includes anchor charts, downloadable worksheets, and station-style manipulatives.

Flexible Implementation

Each session in the curriculum is adaptable, and can be done over a short or long period of time. Some schools use the curriculum over the course of a semester, some do it over a year, and some are integrating the curriculum into the entire school experience.

Coaching & Support

The curriculum comes with 2 days of in-person professional development and ongoing coaching, including observations, written feedback, and 1-on-1 coaching conversations

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